No. 1 Cheddar

A monster of a Cheddar from Alex James. No 1 is made with alpine starter cultures and really packs a punch. A versatile crowd pleaser

No. 2 Blue Monday

Soft creamy blue cheese

No. 3 Glastonbury

New from Alex James. Somerset brie made with Guernsey milk. Hand-decorated with fresh oregano. Perfect on a baguette. Looks fab on a cheeseboard

No. 4 Farleigh Wallop

Delicate goats’ milk brie. Hand-decorated with sprigs of fresh thyme. Winner, Best Goats’ Cheese British Cheese Awards

No. 5 Goddess

Reserve Supreme Champion British Cheese Awards. Super Gold Medal, World Cheese Awards. Soft cheese for connoisseurs made with Guernsey milk. Rind washed with Temperley Somerset Cider Brandy. Silky, rich buttery texture. Will add an extra dimension to the cheeseboard

No. 6 Little Wallop

La pièce de résistance Silky goats’ cheese washed with Julian Temperley’s Somerset Cider Brandy. Wrapped in a vine leaf. Looks and tastes stunning: the finishing touch to the perfect cheeseboard